No difficulty or hardship can stop us from moving forward! Huawei's revenue in 2019 exceeds RMB 850 billion
Post Time:2019-12-31

C114 news on the morning of December 31 (Jiang junmu) for the ICT industry, there are two major events throughout the year in 2019, 5g business and Huawei are under pressure from the U.S. government. And there is a strong connection between them - it is the huge advantages in 5g and other technology fields that make Huawei, as a "Chinese company", gain such "favor".           

人与动人物AV在线  "Without a cold, how can we get plum blossom fragrance?". Fortunately, the external pressure did not stop the company, but stimulated its enthusiasm. Xu Zhijun, chairman in office of Huawei, disclosed in his 2020 New Year's speech entitled "survival, development and forge ahead", that it is expected to achieve sales revenue of more than 850 billion yuan in 2019, an increase of about 18% year-on-year, "basically withstanding the test"; and proposed that next, we should "seize the general trend of long-term development, focus on strategy and turn crisis into opportunity".

人与动人物AV在线 In his speech, he briefly reviewed the performance of Huawei's main business segments. Among them, as a long-term "basic disk" operator business leads the global 5g business process. Enterprise business helps customers build a digital transformation base. There are more than 700 cities and 228 of the world's top 500 enterprises in the world. Huawei is selected as its digital transformation partner. In 2019, the company released its first computing industry strategy, launching the world's fastest-growing 910 AI processor and AI cluster training service. Smart phone business has maintained steady growth, with more than 240 million units shipped; PC, tablet, smart wear, smart screen and other consumer centered smart ecological layout of the whole scene has been further improved.           

人与动人物AV在线  Without the rapid growth in the first half of 2019 and the market inertia in the second half, 2020 will be a tough year for Huawei, which continues to be in the so-called "entity list". Xu Zhijun said straightly, "survival is our first priority". He stressed that we should continue to focus on customers, focus on the struggling, create value for customers, and focus on "ensuring growth, improving capability, optimizing organization and controlling risk".            

人与动人物AV在线 To ensure growth, we need to deepen digital opportunities, improve business capabilities, proactively plan and improve business environment, and create greater value for customers and society; to improve capabilities, we need to enhance professional capabilities of all staff, and supplement key capability elements; to optimize organizations, we need to optimize battle formation and sequence, and stimulate organizational vitality; to control risks, we need to ensure supply security and business continuity, and enhance network security and privacy Protect and comply with all applicable laws and regulations.     


 "Difficulty is always the prelude to greater victory, and challenge is the sharpening stone of a strong team. The U.S. government's containment of Huawei is strategic and long-term. For Huawei, it's a good opportunity for self stimulation and physical fitness, so that we can be more united, more effective and better able to cope with future challenges. As long as all Huawei employees are united and supported by global customers, partners and consumers, to create value for customers and society, no difficulties and hardships can stop us from moving forward. " He wrote.